Thank you, Mary, for giving me the gift of me. I feel strong, capable and in my purpose. Your coaching and you are two dynamic ingredients to my Success! – Shaune B. Arnold, Esquire, “the Business Accelerator,” Business Bootcamp Online and Founder of Platinum Tower, LLC

Check out Mary, a person who is taking the necessary steps to make her business successful! She is amazing. If you need a personal or business coach or bookkeeper she is the one you should consider! – Shirley E. Shepard, M.A., J.D. and Founder of Legally In Order

Tax Accountant recommends Mary’s work in a sales letter to his clients. – John A. Mears, E.A.

“I was so lost I could not see clearly through my financial mess. In less than 15 minutes of Mary’s review, every anxiety I had floated right out the window. … Mary works with compassion first and helps you realize it is not the end of the world… after all, you’ve landed in the right hands!” – Princess Mapp-Lee, Crowned at Birth Productions www.crownedatbirth.com and Founder “Dream Moms”

I am so excited with the Debt Management Plan Mary created for me that I look forward to my monthly statements! – Debbie Carzoo, Envision Feng Shui

I worked with Mary at Public Storage from 1997-2001. I was under her direction on various tasks during that period and found that Mary is very organized and was able to handle several projects at a time. I would consider her a very loyal and hardworking individual who always took pride in her work. She worked hard to make sure things got done which made her very reliable in the department. – Suzie Lopez, Accountant, ProLogis