MKL Enterprises LLC

Cash Flow Strategist & Business & Life Coach


What does the Cash Flow Strategist Do FOR you?

*  As your partner, you have another set of eyes on your Life/Business from an financial  view.  We find your baseline/foundation, create a strategy to grow financially and then together review your progress on a monthly, if not quarterly basis and to help strategize ways to improve and be even more productive, get paid and be profitable.  This way you will also be ready to strategize with your tax professional periodically during the year and be ready to proceed with the new year at tax time.

*  How would you feel with support in your life and/or to grow your business?  Imagine your experience as your financial picture grows in harmony with your passion!

*   Are you struggling or overwhelmed with your financial situation?  Does this cause you to have sleepless nights?  Do you spend hours agonizing over the details of your finances or procrastinate about doing your bookkeeping only to face a pile of paperwork every year at tax time? Are your tax filings up-to-date or a few years behind?  Let’s replace procrastination with motivation!

*   Are your financial reports available to discuss your business with your banker when seeking a loan or to talk with investors about your business?  Do you understand the strengths and weaknesses in your business and how this money will be used to grow your wealth?

*   Wouldn’t you rather spend that time enjoying your family, growing your business, or helping out in your community?

*   Outsourcing these details to a Cash Flow Strategist / Accounting specialist will remove the mystery of your financial situation and help you build a confident foundation for your Life/Business – freeing you to concentrate on growing your business and give you peace of mind to do other things most important to you. Who can you turn to fulfill this need? Your Cash Flow Strategist/The Virtual Bookkeepers.

*  We partner with you to provide cash flow strategy for life and for your business.  Our mission is to provide an effective means for cash flow improvement to individuals and organizations throughout the United States.  Through the unique services we provide, Income/revenues are enhanced, and profits are expanded.  What we do is second to none.

*   Your Cash Flow Strategist will collate your information into precise and understandable reports and look for opportunities for you to increase your income, reduce your expenses and preserve your wealth.  Your Cash Flow Strategist will work seamlessly with your Tax Accountant for tax planning and year-end tax preparation.

What will your Business & Life Coach Do For you?

* We provide intervention to guide clients, individuals and families, and business owners and their associates, to eliminate some of the symptoms holding them back so they can enjoy better lives at home and at work, are more productive, and their companies become more profitable which means more income for our clients.

Remember:  Knowledge & Power around YOUR Cash Flow and how you Protect your Wealth are the Keys to YOUR Dreams of Succe$$, Freedom and Peace of Mind.  When is Now the Time Take Action Today & Achieve Succe$$ in YOUR Future!